Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy – Gardening Northside PTY LTD

Updated 30th October, 2020

This website is owned and maintained by Gardening Northside PTY LTD, a legal Australian company registered in NSW, Australia. In this document, the words “we”, “us” and “our” collectively refer to Gardening Northside PTY LTD, and “you” and “yours” refer to individuals using this website and customers.

1. What type of information we collect.

To handle enquiries, we collect your name, phone number, email and address. This information is kept confidential and secure, we only share this information internally with our staff and vendors in order to service customer enquiries.

When using this website, generally non-personally identifiable information is automatically collected by the software running this website, including web hosting software and web analytics software such as WordPress, Google Analytics and so on. Specific information collected can include IP address, device type, device size, actions performed on this website, session information and so on.

2. The purposes we collect information for.

We collect your personal information when it is voluntarily submitted to us in order to fulfill your enquiry and complete commercial transactions as explicitly requested by you.

The information collected by web hosting and web analytics software is used solely to assess website and business performance and not otherwise shared with external or third parties except where stated in this document.

3. How we collect and securely store information.

Any personally identifiable information submitted to us is either stored on encrypted servers or protected by the encryption layers and security services protecting cloud based software such as G Suite, Gmail, and Google Analytics.

4. We do not spam or rent email addresses or personally identifiable information.

We do not spam, rent or share your information, including email address and phone number, with external providers for commercial purposes.

5. How to access and correct any information.

If at any time you would like a copy of any personally identifiable information we have, you can contact us via our email address, phone number or by postal mail, with our company contact information provided at the bottom of this email. Provide details of your request and our staff will be happy to provide copies of your information or alternatively, happily correct your information as requested.

6. How we handle privacy complaints.

We take all privacy matters seriously. If you have any complaints or questions regarding privacy matters, please contact us using the contact details provided at the end of this document. Our management and staff will take the issue seriously, perform due diligence and provide our best efforts to resolve your enquiry. In the event after contacting us you do not reach a resolution, you are able to contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner and lodge a formal complaint.

7. Sharing or disclosure of personal information with third parties or overseas.

We do not proactively share personally identifiable information with third parties or overseas, with the sole exception of information that is regularly stored due to “regular use” of cloud based software such as Gmail and G Suite in order to service customer enquiries.

8. Updates to this document and contacting us.

We may update this policy at any time, with the latest version being kept at the following address at all times.

If you have any enquiries, questions or complaints you can contact us with the following details.

Managing Director
Gardening Northside PTY LTD
40 Douglas Street, St Ives NSW 2075
0403 869 300