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Gardening Northside PTY LTD Cookie Policy

Updated 19th March 2021

Like all websites, big and small, our gardening website uses cookies to function. We’ve minimised the use of cookies as much as possible, however the basic functionality of the website requires the cookies outlined in this policy. We’ve described what cookies we’re using, how and why we’re using them, and how you can disable and opt out of using the cookies on this site.

1. What are cookies.
Cookies are small pieces of code that pretty much every website uses to detect users and provide basic essential website functionality, such as submitting contact forms, logging in and out of the website, and evaluating the success of advertising and social media campaigns.

2. How we use cookies.
So far we’ve minimised the use of cookies as much as possible. The only cookies relies on to function, that we’re aware of, are as follows:
- WordPress cookie. The WordPress cookie is required to allow users to log in and out of the website and update the content.
- Google Analytics cookie. The Google Analytics cookie is required to monitor the ongoing performance of the website.
- Google Ads cookie. The Google Ads cookie is required to monitor the success of Google ad campaigns.
- Facebook cookie. The Facebook cookie is required to help the success of paid Facebook and Instagram campaigns.

3. How users can disable cookies.
If you want to opt-out of using cookies, you have the following options.
- Set your browser to incognito mode – generally speaking cookies aren’t saved with browsers using private browsing modes, or at least minimised.
- Use a browser that disable cookies – there’s an increasing amount of privacy oriented browsers that have cookies disabled by default.
- Enable private browsing plugins – there’s also an increasing amount of privacy plugins that disable cookies for you while you are browsing in default modes on your web browser.
- Clear all browsing data at the end of your browsing sessions, including history and cookie data.

4. How to contact us if you have any questions
If you have any questions at all regarding cookies, privacy or perhaps you want to enlist the help of one of our talented gardeners in the North Shore area of Sydney NSW, feel free to get in touch via the below channels.

Gardening Northside PTY LTD
0403 869 300