Garden Design

Modern garden design with Gardening Northside

The team at Gardening Northside have been in the business for well over a decade, and we’ve seen a lot of garden design trends come and go. We have also tackled a number of challenging garden makeovers, including complete facelifts of wildly overgrown gardens. Our staff know what it takes to offer cost effective landscaping that will improve the look of your yard- for the long term.

Our garden design services are affordable, with our range of solutions including plant selection, edging and borders. Design is critical in this area, especially along major transport routes; the right hedges and climbers can bolster privacy and occasionally also help to filter noise. Our team will assist you to make the right choices and changes to your garden.

We can assist with getting back to basics and working to get the garden back in shape, through the use of paving and pathways, pebble work, borders and edging or feature garden beds. Our regular clients also enjoy these services on a regular basis.

For the newer residential developments, garden design often mean starting from the very beginning- with the right layout and infrastructure. You can establish a lower maintenance garden from the get go. Small retaining walls can also help give structure to a sloping garden, or create extra dimension where space is limited; landscaping clients in Warrawee townhouses often enjoy creating a more three-dimensional look. Gardening Northside also happily provides consultation and regular service to bodies corporate in the area.

Call Gardening Northside today on 0422 812 612 or 0403 869 300 for more information, or to arrange a free quote.

Soft Landscaping in Pymble

Some of our soft landscaping, stump and hedge work in Pymble